How to Create Evergreen Content on Twitter with Mass Planner

I’ve become quite a Twitter fan. This honestly surprised me because even saying the word “tweet” is a little awkward. But after I started using it and began seeing how helpful it was in promoting my own content and engaging with likeminded other, I was hooked. But the amount of time I spent creating tweets and scheduling tweets took me away from far better uses of my time. Until now.

I started using Mass Planner to follow relevant accounts (and unfollow those who weren’t engaging with me automatically. I quickly grew my account from 5K to 25K in four months without doing much of anything after setting the program up.

Next step, I set up a scheduled campaign in Mass Planner to send out my tweets. So after setting up the tweets for the day, I could then schedule them to go out again how ever often I wanted.

Lastly, in order to keep my content fresh, I started using the “Spin” feature in order to send out different messages, and different images randomly each time a tweet went out. So you can set up a series of tweets and get months worth of fresh content. Which is absolutely brilliant!

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If you already are a Mass Planner User and have set up your Twitter account you are off to a good start. Here is my tutorial on how to set up a Scheduled Campaign on Twitter.

Now let’s go to the campaign and create a tweet using the “Spin Syntax” Feature. Head to the “Campaigns Tab” and click on “Add Campaign”, then select “Add a Timed Campaign”. If you already have a campaign running, you can just edit existing posts or add new ones.

Adding a Scheduled Campaign in Mass Planner

Next you will want to add a name to your campaign in the “Overview Tab”. Then head to the “What To Publish Tab”.

Using Spin Syntax in Mass Planner

In the message box you will be adding your message. Put any portion of the message that you want to vary between curly brackets {     }. Within the brackets, add the content that will be randomly selected with each post. Between each item, add a vertical bar |  You can find the vertical bar on the key that also has the backslash button \.

Here’s an example of what the message would look like:

{Hi|Hello|Greetings|What’s Up} {Joe|Joseph|Dude}

Random Results would look like this:

  • Hi Joe
  • Greetings Joe
  • What’s Up Joseph
  • Hi Dude

Make sure to check to make sure that the message is correctly set up by clicking on the “Check Syntax” option that will pop up after you add in the curly bracket:

Using Advanced Features in Mass Planner

You can add a URL to the post if you have a piece of content that you want to direct people to. Mass Planner will shorten the link for you if you select that option in the “Overview Tab”

Shortening URLs in posts using Mass Planner

If you want to add either one or several photos you can do that by clicking on the option to “Add a Photo” in the “What to Post” tab. My favorite option is to do this by adding image URLs. Twitter will add more than one photo to the post if you choose.

Adding Photos to Posts in Mass Planner

adding photo urls


After you add the photo URLs, one per line, then make sure you click “Add Images for URLs, and the the “Add Photos” Button.

If you want Mass Planner to randomly pick only one photo to add each time it sends out a tweet from this post, you can do that by selecting that option using the “Advance Settings” in the “Overview” tab.

Mass Planner


Next add a timer to the post to choose when and how often you want to post your message to your twitter account.

Scheduled Campaigns in MassPlanner

First Click on “Add Timer, and then use the drop down arrow to pick a day and time to begin publishing. Decide how often you want Mass Planner to publish the post and then close the window.


Next Head over to the “Destination Tab” and select you Twitter Account. You can select other accounts to if you have other social profiles set up. When posting on Facebook and Twitter, I typically use the “Clickable Post” option, but those posts won’t work in twitter. That’s another tutorial for another day.

Lastly, go back to the “Overview Tab” and click “Add to Post List”.

adding Posts to Mass Planner


That’s it! If you haven’t decided to give Mass Planner a try yet, maybe you should start now?

Free 5 Day Trial of Mass Planner


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