How to Use Mass Planner to Schedule Your Tweets

Like you, I’m proud of all the hard work I’ve put into publishing great content on my blog. And probably just like you, I’d love nothing more to get more eye balls on the things that I’ve shared. Using Twitter to share content is popular and can be very effective. But scheduling those tweets takes time. I’ve used a number of scheduling tools, like buffer app, and I still do. But since I’ve started using Mass Planner to schedule my tweets, life has become much easier.

My favorite thing is getting up in the morning and seeing how many new followers I have gained while I slept after not touching my Twitter account for days….

Unlike a lot of scheduling tools, Mass Planner allows you to set up a campaign that will send out the tweet you’ve created over and over again – whenever you decide. Better yet, each time you send out a tweet promoting a post, you can add a different message and a different image. So the content is fresh. And it’s easy! Let’s start with how to do a basic scheduled campaign for twitter.

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Steps for creating a scheduled twitter campaign in Mass Planner

This post assumes that you are already a Mass Planner user and have set up your twitter account.

If not, here a link to the Mass Planner Tutorial that will show you how add your profiles to Mass Planner (Tutorial #4)

You will find the campaigns list in the main menu. Then click on Campaigns and select: Add Campaign and then select the Scheduled Campaign option.

Add Scheduled Campaign in Mass Planner


From the overview tab, name your campaign.

campaign overview

Now click on the “What To Publish” Tab. Decide what post you want to add and have that open in another window. Make sure you have also selected the “Add Posts” tab. Clickable image posts are fantastic to use on Google Plus or Facebook, but they won’t work on Twitter.

add posts

Add the URL of the post you want to promote in the box

post url


Next Click on the “Add a Timer Button”

Scheduled Campaigns in MassPlanner

Next select when you want your post to go live. You can decide to publish it right now, to repeat it as often as you like, and to start posting it whenever you would like.


If you’d like to add photos, click on the add photo button. You can add one or more photos here. My favorite way is adding the image URLs.

photo buttong

Add the image URLs, one per line. Then click on “Add Images From URL” button, and then the “Add Photos” button.

adding photo urls

Next go to the Where to publish tab. You will see a list of designations. Select your twitter account.

add post

Next head back to the “What to Publish” tab and click the “Add to post list” button

Finally head back to the “Overview Tab” and click on the “Start Publishing” tab.

You are done!

In the next article we’ll show you how change the images and message that you share in each tweet about this post, so the content you share is fresh. Sounds a lot more difficult than it is.

Free 5 Day Trial of Mass Planner

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