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Welcome to the Mass Planner Travel Blogger Pinterest Exchange.

If you’re here, then I’m assuming that you are already a Mass Planner user. If not, you can learn more about this amazing social media scheduling and automation tool. I learn more every day about ways that using this program can help me automate things that used to take me hours a day. After automating my Twitter account and automating my blog post promotion on Google +, Twitter and Facebook, I’m now turning my full attention to Pinterest.

I started using Pinterest to automatically pull from my blog post board and pin to my group boards a few months ago. I considered joining a Tailwind tribe after learning that many people are having success with it, but, after some research, found that I could automate everything a “Tribe” would do in Mass Planner instead.

There are several ways to work together to help promote our pins.

Using Mass Planner to Automate Repinning to Target Boards

Steps to Participate in the Mass Planner Group Board Repinning Tribe:

In short – all you need to do is adjust a setting in Mass Planner. You simply set Mass Planner to pin from a list of member’s boards to a selected target board in your Pinterst account. That way each of us will automatically repin from each other’s boards. It’s literally a click of a button and a cut and paste job – that’s it.

First you need to have a board that just contains ONLY pins from posts that you want to promote. In my case, I put all of my pins from my travel blog posts onto one board. The board should contain a minimum of 35 vertical travel related pins.

Second, you need to have a board set up where you will instruct Mass Planner to repin from Member’s Boards.

Email me a link to your board. If accepted, I’ll add your board to our member list. You will receive an invitation to join our Facebook Group – Mass Planner Travel Pinterest Blogger Exchange. Here you will find a link to a google document that is updated every Sunday with member target boards.

Each participant is expected to cut and paste the list into the “Sources” section of their target board in Mass Planner each week. See detailed instructions below. I will assume that you are already have set your Pinterest Account up in your Social Profile. If not – find instructions here (Mass Planner Tutorial #4 – Adding Social Profiles).

First go to “Tools” and then Select “Details” on the Pinterest Account Tab under “Retweet/Repin.” A list of your current boards on Pinterest will open.


Next find the board that you would like members to pin TO. This should contain pins from your travel related posts. When you find the board, Click on “Details.” Then select “Sources.”

add board urls

In our Facebook Group there is a member board list in the “files” section that is updated weekly. Cut and paste list into the box and click the “Add Board URLs” button. Make sure you have also checked the “Repin from Boards” box.

When first setting this up, make sure that you have your “Settings” set up correctly. To do this, in MP under Repin, click on the “Settings” tab, make sure that you are scheduled to repin to this board several times per week (the number should minimally equal the number of member boards). You can also choose to only repin pins with a certain number of likes, but I recommend leaving this setting to “zero” so that we can promote each other’s new pins. Also decide whether or not you want to allow Mass Planner to repin the same pin more than once to your board.

Using these settings, Mass Planner will automatically select pins randomly from the  boards that you have selected.

Pro Tip #1: You can decide on a range of time when to pin to your boards. You can select a time frame that you want Mass Planner to pin within. A number of times will pop up and Mass Planner will pin at exactly that time each day. Or, you can select “Randomize publishing times each day” and Mass Planner will choose a random time to pin within the time frame you have selected. 

repin MP group

That shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes per week. The number of repins each week will depend on how many active members there are in the group.

Promoting New Pins – Weekly RePin Thread (Coming Soon)

This group will focus on promoting specific pins. To participate, you only need to check a box in Mass Planner asking it to repin from a list of pin URLs – and then paste in the list. You can pin an unlimited number of pins this way. After you have it set up, just add your pin URL to the group list, and cut and paste in the new list each week.

Here are the details:

In order to participate in this group you need to have aboard to pin travel related pins. It can be the same board as the one used in the previous section.

You will find a link to the Google Sheet with the list of weekly Pin URLs in the Facebook Group. A new list will be started each week. Add you Pins until the list is closed each Sunday.

When the list is closed, head to Mass Planner. Follow the same instructions above to find your boards and head to the sources section on the target group board (the board you want to pin the pins to).

Click on the “RePin from a provided list of Pins” box. A field will open where you can paste in the new pin URLs for the week. After Mass Planner has pinned from this section it will delete pin from the list.

As in the section above, make sure that you have set Mass Planner to repin several times per day.

repin from urls


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