Mass Planner VPS (Virtual Private Server) Setup

Obviously, we’re fans of Mass Planner. We’re constantly suggesting that people try using the program for scheduling and automating their social media. But, sometimes we get push back. The complaint we most often hear is:

I have a Mac. I can’t use Mass Planner

Wait, I can’t install Mass Planner on my Mac?

It’s true. Mass Planner is a Windows-based application, so it needs to be installed on a PC running Windows. If you have computer running Windows, you can just download Mass Planner from the site and install it, and you’re ready to go.

Regardless of whether you have a Mac or a PC, we recommend a different option. We use a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

What is a VPS?

You hear “the cloud” all the time, but probably never spend much time thinking about it. In reality, anything on the “cloud” still has hardware and hard drives somewhere in the world that your information is stored on. A VPS is a basically space and computing power that you “rent” from a provider that has racks and racks of servers with lots of hard drives. When you sign up for your a VPS, the provider carves out some of their resources for your use, installs an operating system (like Windows!) and gives you access to use it. So, essentially, a VPS is like a second computer that you can use any time you have internet access.

Even better (and this is the real reason to set up Mass Planner on a VPS), when you are disconnected from your virtual server, it’s still running. And that means Mass Planner is still running. It will be posting, following, tweeting, and everything else you’ve scheduled, even when you’re asleep or on a jungle trek with no Internet access!

Isn’t a VPS Expensive?

Pricing for virtual servers are based on the amount of resources (CPUs, memory, and disk space) you use. In reality, most users of Mass Planner don’t require a lot of resources. We use a VPS from IWStack, and it costs us 0.48 Euros per day, or less than 15 Euros a month.  There is even a free VPS option (which we don’t recommend, but it’s included below).

Amazon Free VPS

Through Amazon, you can get a free, basic VPS for one year. On the Mass Planner site, you can find detailed instructions for setting it up. The free version is a VERY basic VPS, and in our opinion doesn’t provide you with enough resources for a good experience. We found the server frustrating slow and laggy, but it still worked. This might be an option if you are on an extremely tight budget, or just want to try MP with one or two social media accounts.

Note: you can add resources to the Amazon VPS quite easily, but the costs go up quickly.

For the same power, there are cheaper options.

We moved to a paid VPS after getting frustrated with the free Amazon VPS, upgrading our Amazon VPS, and being shocked by the costs.

Inexpensive VPS Services


Shape Host has a monthly VPS for $17/month, and is very easy to set up. They currently offer a discount code (CODE10OFF) that gives you an additional 10% off, which makes this the cheapest option.

Get a VPS through ShapeHost


This VPS provider is located in the UK, and at  £ 29 .99 /month, is a little more expensive than the others.

 Get started with a free 5 day trail and stop working so hard!

Free 5 Day Trial of Mass Planner

Once you’ve signed up for a VPS, you’ll probably need to wait up to a couple of hours for the new system to be set up. You might have the option of Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 – either is fine, but if the price is the same, choose Windows 2012. You will also have the option of logging into your “console”, which is a web-based view of your Virtual Server desktop. Go ahead and log in, and then you can install Mass Planner.

Next Steps:

Remote Desktop

Installing MassPlanner

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