-If you are wanting more information on exactly what we do, then this article should clear it up some. It is hard to explain all of the complexities of our software and what it can do, but the main thing is that we get results. –

Our main focus is the growth of Instagram and Twitter, with the help of our programs, that help find the best followers for you. We don’t want you to have just any followers, and target real, engaging people that are already interested in accounts and niches and topics similar to yours.

We use the software because it does what we can’t, by scanning Instagram or Twitter 24/7, searching out (or blacklisting) the best potential clients/followers, which you would want for your own account. We categorize who we want, and don’t want, based on their hashtag uses, keywords in profiles, geo locations (if you want), and other accounts that they follow that are similar to yours.

Once the program finds our targets, it follows them with your account, depending on how many we let it do per day. For example our newer clients/accounts, we start off slow so as not to raise any red flags, and might only follow 100-200 a day. Our biggest accounts are doing around 900 per day. We will work you up slowly, continually increasing it each month.

The strategy for this is: It is our job to get as many eyes on your timeline/account as possible, just like a billboard on the highway, and when you follow someone, they get a notification of a new follower, go to see who you are, see your photos and profile, and if they like you they will follow back. If they don’t, they wont. Simple as that. 

There is NO other way to get thousands upon thousands of eyes per month on your account, without expensive advertising, and our clients are super happy with their large increase of followers each month.

Since we are following so many people each day, the total number grows over time. When you reach around 3k-4k, we start also unfollowing about the same number. for instance your settings might be like this: following 500 per day, and unfollowing 500 per day. 

But they are not the same people on the same day. The program first unfollows people that DID NOT follow you back in the last 3-4 days, and when those run out, it starts unfollowing more. That way you never unfollow someone on the same day that you followed, so that they don’t notice. By doing about the same number per day, we also have more room to work, so that the total number isn’t too high. (Instagram’s following limit being around 7k)

So that is our service in a nutshell. Of course the system is more complex and detailed than that, because we do not want to get you followers that are useless to your brand, and want to target the perfect ones, but those are the basics. We also use a series of proxies so that we can run 24/7, evenly all day and night, from servers closer to your area, so that Instagram doesn’t ask for login confirmations constantly.

As I said, our job is to get thousands of targeted and relevant eyes on your profile, and your job is to keep posting great content so that they want to stay. Of course we do also offer full management services if you’re interested, where we can also publish the content. Just check HERE for rates.

Once you signup, you will get an email asking for your details and login info. You will also be asked to provide a list of accounts, that are very similar to your own, that we can use as resources. These are Instagram or Twitter accounts that are the same niche as you, and publish similar content, who have a good following. We can use these account to target their followers. 

We will also ask you to give us a list of friends/accounts, that we should whitelist, so that you never unfollow them.  We will go from there. Nothing else should change, our software logs in, does its thing fast, and then signs out. This way you can also get on and do your stuff, and not have two logins at once. 

Ours is a tried and true technique, and if there was any other way to get many thousands of eyes on your business, then that’s what we would be doing! 

1 Month Instagram Growth

Here is a sample graph that goes with each report we send you each month. With each of our monthly reports we will show you your growth, and tell you our adjustments and plan for the upcoming month. (results vary)

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